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Venkateshwara Power Projects Ltd is a sugar factory with Cogeneration. It is one of the units operated by a business group called as “Mahadik Business Group". The other group activities like Milk Diary, Petroleum Transport, LPG, Auto Engineering are based in Kolhapur District.

The sugar factory is in North Karnataka and close to the Maharashtra Border as well as to Kolhapur. The factory is operational since 2001 and we have started cogeneration unit since 2004. Also, there will be a multi-fuel boiler in operation which helps to generate power in offseason as well help to process raw sugar with higher capacity in off season too.

The Area of Operation within the factory and cane cultivation is most irrigated by lifts, wells and small canals. Doodhganga, Vedganga and Krishna rivers are within the geographical area of the factory. The climate, soil, rains are favourable for sugarcane cultivation. Factory has achieved highest recovery of 12.75% in Karnataka state and accordingly award given by SISSTA during 2007-08. Almost every year we are highest in recovery in Karnataka. Bedkihal is located in the high recovery zone due to ample supply of water for irrigation. The sugarcane yield is 70—80 MT per hectare with average recovery of more than 13%.


The sugar factory is presently crushing at a rate of 3500 TPD with 23 MW co-generations and 12-14 MW Export of Power. Already license No.2523/SlA/lMO/2009 dated 06/10/2009 for 51000 TPD has been obtained and we have applied for expansion up to 8000 MT.

We are improving efficiency and performance in steam consumption to export more power. We have also installed multi-fuel boiler with condensing turbine to generate power during off season and to process raw sugar simultaneously.